Dip Demon


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The Alpine family of patterns is built to hide you wherever your hunt takes you.  Alpine works by obscures your outline, working you into the surroundings in a very specialized way.  Alpine relies on a finely tuned balance of both very old-school, and cutting edge ideas.  Your hunt can take you up and down the mountain, above and below the treeline, into grassy openings, and the rockiest outcroppings.  This is the pattern family for hunters that know no boundaries.  

We knew creating this pattern platform would be a challenging task. To move forward, we looked back to several techniques used throughout WWI and WWII for inspiration. Alpine blends together these high contrast ideas with our modern and forward leaning process to bring about a camouflage pattern unlike anything else on the market.  Originally conceived for western mountain hunting, we quickly found that its unique shapes and design allowed for color changes making it second to none anywhere on the map.